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TESTIMONIAL: Educational On Line Experience

On June 24th,25th 26th of 2009, I was able to attend two classes: Reality Comprehension Clock Test (RCCT and Communication Programs for Special Populations presented by Barbara Brock and her associates.  The On-Line Distance Learning was so beneficial to my professional growth in the field of dementia assessment.  The program has added a new dimension to the ordinary “clock drawing test” with so many additional scores that have meaning related to mental ability or capacity.  The fact that “fall risk” can be identified and success with bladder training (or non success) can be noted based on a certain RCCT score is just amazing.  The Communication Program was also o beneficial as it pointed out how people with dementia can be offered an opportunity to experience more enjoyable and contented days with brain exercises based on their abilities, not just sitting around being reminded about their disabilities.

Currently, I am in the process of ordering supplies and equipment and securing a space in the building, that houses my office, where I can open a small center using the RCCT assessment tool and Communication Program(s) I learned during the course I took in June.  I will be doing this with some of my own retirement money until the community sees the benefit of the program and comes on board…that is how committed I am and how convinced I am about the benefits of the RCCT testing, the results obtained and the Communication Programs that is structured around the results of the RCCT.

Prior to taking the course, I researched everything I could about the use of the RCCT tool and found it to be very reliable.  I am truly happy I accidentally found out about the RCCT and it’s related courses.

Yours truly,
Maria (Mia) Grenfell, BSN, RN, CMNM, Geriatric Care Manager
Superior Land Elder Care Management LLC
Norway , MI


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