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Staff Testimonial 2

Adult Day Care Participants
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Hands of Grace Adult Day Centers
104 Monroe Street
Delta, OH 45315

Dear Barbara Brock,

Thanks you for your wonderful Communication Program material.  We use one of the Communication Program books about every week at our center in Fulton County, OH.

The Reality Comprehension Clock Test (RCCT) gives us a quick and easy way to understand a new participant’s ability and functioning.  This allows me to offer brain stimulating activities at their level and to not have unreasonable expectations.

It can be so difficult to find programming for folks with dementia.  We have been able to involve participants in the Communication Programs who otherwise would sit on the “sidelines.”

One particular lady with moderate dementia is also very hard of hearing and seems disinterested in much of what we do, but when it comes time to draw (one of Communication Program’s brain stimulating exercises) she’s the first one to finish her drawing!  Another participant, who everyone thought was a volunteer because of her verbal skills, is unable to even complete the simplest drawing and proceeds to sketch a series of circles or other form of perseveration.  I use the results to show the employees/volunteers so they know why she needs extra assistance.

The reminiscing (brain stimulating exercise) is fun for everyone and we always learn something new.  We work with many volunteers and the Communication Program books are set up so that a volunteer can very easily step in and assist with the brain exercises.  Not a lot of time needs to be spent preparing and training.  We use the “theme” of the Communication Program through out the day, e.g. decorations on the tables, music, movie and maybe snacks….depending on the programs theme for that week.

Some of the people who attend our center have physical disabilities but not dementia.  Those folks are still able to be involved with the Communication Programs.  I tell them they are “exercising” their brains….kind of like brain jogging!  Some of them help by cutting out shapes for the puzzles used in the socialization projects or encourage someone who is new to try.

We again thank you for your very helpful material,
The staff from Hand of Grace Adult Day Center

Lynn Buchele, ADC Director


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