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Staff Testimonial 1

I am the Heartland Village Director at Elmcroft of Washington Township.  We are a Assisted living and Alzheimer facility.  Heartland Village is the Alzheimer unit.  I am currently facing some issues with my activity programming and achieving strength and balance with therapy due to the cognitive challenges.  My facility works closely with Alternate Solutions' therapy department and their Marketing/Admissions Rep. suggested I use one of their social workers to administer clock testing.

I agreed and last week I received a care plan based on the clock test results for each one of my current residents. With this information I was able to re-evaluate 6 residents for PT/OT and start them on a new program based on results of their clock testing.  I was able to relay this information to the PT/OT staff through Jeremy Collier, Alternate Solutions Rep.  We are now looking at treating Alzheimer's patients through a whole new perspective.

Some other things we picked up on was that some of my residents were deficit in processing on the right or left side.  I was able to rearrange their plates at meals to increase food consumption.  I also found out that one of my other residents was only able to process one task at a time.  Her nutrition status was decreasing and we were desperately looking for ways to increase her meal consumption.  By using the results of the clock test we tried giving her one food item on the plate at a time.  She went from eating 30-50% of her meal to 100% instantaneously.

I am amazed daily by the results of the clock test and how well these techniques work when implemented.  So amazed I am enrolled to take the course in 2 weeks!  Thank you so much to Barbara Brock for working with me and supplying me with all the information so promptly.

Lindsey Woodmansee, LPN/HVD


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