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Barbara Brock click for biography  has been a health educator in the field of aging for over fourteen years.  A passionate and energetic speaker, Barbara conducts presentations for healthcare professionals at both the state and national levels. Her presentations are among the highest attended.

Mrs. Brock’s educational sessions are: informative, clear and concise, contain a delightful, whimsical format that provides an enjoyable learning experience for all attendees.  Each presentation is filled with humor and passion.  Attendees have remarked, “Mrs. Brock is one of the sweetest and most humble presenters we have heard in a long time.”

Barbara is the original creator of the Reality Comprehension Clock Test.  She led the research team that standardized the RCCT in 1999, Brock, B.  An Expert of the RCCT, Barbara is also coauthor of the RCCT Instruction Manual, plus the developer of a social model for dementia residents known as Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs.  Barbara is also the founder and president of Communication Art, Inc. a 14 year old company based in Toledo, Ohio.

Barbara is co-author of a research manuscript that was published in Sept. 2005, in The Journal of Gerontological Nursing.

Mrs. Brock has dedicated a large portion of her career to research and development of innovative, valid reliable tools to improve the lives of the memory impaired.

As a researcher, Barbara served as lead investigator on three occasions.  The RCCT was also featured in Provider Magazine Feb. 2006 and Eli’s MDS Alert in June 2006.

Barbara is an energetic, passionate state and national speaker.  She is living her passion of enhancing the lives of the elderly.  Her integrity, faithfulness to God and high standards are a benefit to everyone she and her staff at Communication Art, Inc. serve.

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A Humorous Presentation About How We Age

"Memory and Aging, Do You Know Where My Pants Are?"

Do you want to put some pizzazz into your event, conference or meeting?  Then start it off with a humorous presentation about life, our memory, and how we age!  Barbara Brock, the original creator of the Reality Comprehension Clock Test and the social model for dementia known as Communication Art Programs, is a passionate and energetic speaker.  Barbara conducts state and national presentations for health care professionals.  She also gives informative and educational presentations on aging, sprinkled with humor, that are great for community, church and business groups.

"Memory and Aging, Do You Know Where My Pants Are?" is a  presentation suitable for all ages of adults and all types of audiences.  The adventure begins when Barbara captures the attention of all attendees with her humorous stories, hilarious but true facts on how our brain ages, and passionate life experiences.  The interactive educational memory exercise allows the group to participate in the fun.  The result is very surprising!

Complete Presentations List

Educational Presentations that feature the:
Reality Comprehension Clock Test
Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose social model.
Presented by Published Research Author and Original Creator of the RCCT, Barbara Brock

  • “Memory and Aging Do You Know Where I Parked My Car?”
  • “Aging Parents - Aging Brains”
  • “Powerful Dementia Tools”
  • “Health Care’s Best Kept Secret - The Reality Comprehension Clock Test”
  • “Cognitive Factor in Care Transitions”
  • “Dementia Tools Equals Care Improvements”
  • “Heart of Person Centered Care”
  • “Dramatic Change in Dementia Care”
  • “Cognitive Factor in Dementia Care”
  • “Aging Parent’s - Forgetfulness”
  • “Memory and Aging –Do You Know Where My Pants Are?”
  • “Dementia Dilemma”
  • “Reality Comprehension Clock Test Identifies Risk of Fall”
  • “The Value of the Reality Comprehension Clock Test”

Call Barbara Brock for more information about her humorous presentation.  She is available to speak to civic groups, churches, and other organizations.

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