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Reality Comprehension Clock Test
Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs

"Focus is on skills that remain, not on those that are lost."


Develop a Resident-Centered
Care Team

Educational Components - 3 Days at Your Facility

Day I: Educate Your Resident-Centered Care (RCC) Team
6.5 hour Educational Workshop (professional contact hours/ certificate) you will learn how to use two dementia specific tools: The Reality Comprehension Clock Test (RCCT) and a social model with a Resident-Centered Care approach known as Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs.


Day II: Implementation of Resident-Centered Care Tools
Identify procedures to implement RCCT and Communication Programs.  Learn how to utilize data from both tools to improve "Quality of Care" and be in compliance with new survey guidelines.


Day III:
  1. Goals, Time lines and Marketing
    Conduct all staff in-service of Resident-Centered Tools
  2. Develop goals and time lines
  3. Market Resident-Centered Care
  4. Become known as the "Dementia Experts" in your area
  5. Develop Policy and Procedures of Resident-Centered Care Tools
  1. Maintain the utilization of the RCCT and the Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs over time with personnel changes.
  2. Quarterly Maintenance Sessions with Resident-Centered Care Team
  1. Status as Dementia Experts in your area
  2. Culture Change and Culture of Safety

Educational Classes.
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