Barbara Brock

Barbara Brock is the original creator of the Reality Comprehension Clock Test (RCCT) and the social model for dementia known as Communication Art Programs.

As an Artist: Barbara owned and operated a children's art studio for seventeen years.  Her interest turned to the elderly when she realized the relationship between the process by which children learn and the manner in which demented individuals seemed to forget.  Her dedication to improving the lives of the elderly with memory impairments led to the development of the two dementia specific Person Centered Care tools; a social model known as Communication Art Programs and a standardized assessment, the Reality Comprehension Clock Test (1999 RCCT Brock, B., et al).

As a Researcher: Barbara has dedicated a large portion of her career to research.  She has served as lead investigator for research projects on three occasions.  She is the co-author and expert of the standardized RCCT.  As a lead investigator for the RCCT, Barbara led the research team, along with Dr. Roy Olsson of the University of Toledo, to standardize and publish the test in 1999.  As a co-author, Barbara was also the main contributor in the writing of the copyrighted RCCT Instruction Manual.  She is also the developer and co-author of the Communication Art Program's Instructor Guide.

Grant Work: 2002-2004. Mrs. Brock was instrumental in obtaining a grant to fund the "Risk of Falls", RCCT research project.  Her company provided  education for 80 health care professionals in Ohio who assisted with the research.  Her company also managed the research data collection.  Barbara was also a co-author of the research manuscript.

As an Educational Instructor: Barbara has conducted educational workshops, seminars, and conferences for healthcare professionals for 14 years.