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Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs

"Focus is on skills that remain, not on those that are lost."


Brain Stimulating Curriculum

With this easy to use, ready to implement format you can
provide the Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose
through purposeful, brain stimulation exercises.

  • Programs are designed on three levels of cognitive skills and abilities: high, medium and low.
  • Both verbal and non verbal individuals may participate.


Participants may experience feelings of being useful and needed as they respond to an invitation to help others by sharing their life experiences, wisdom and knowledge.  Confidence and self esteem are often elevated as participants share things they have experienced and learned during their lives. Delightful, heartfelt stories make this brain exercise a favorite among participants and their caregivers.


Participants may gain a sense of control in their lives as they accept the invitation to voice their choices and opinions during this stimulating brain  exercise. This non intimidating exercise with no right or wrong answer provides the opportunity for participants to share their compelling thoughts and personal views regarding the Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose topic. Everyone feels useful when others ask their opinion on a particular subject.  Making choices propels the brain to reason, make a decision or choice and share an opinion. Personalities surface as each participant expresses their point of view.

Which One?

Participants may gain a higher level of confidence as they accept the invitation to share their judgments and differences during this stimulating brain exercise.  This exercise activates the .thinking process, ignites ideas and rekindles memories. Participants endearing responses creates a win, win atmosphere for everyone involved.


Participants sense of self worth may be enhanced as they accept the invitation to help others identify sensory items related to the Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose topic. Participants senses are ignited as they see, touch, feel and sometimes smell various sensory items. The confidence with which participants take charge during this brain stimulating exercise of discovery often produces sweet, joyous moments for everyone involved.


Participants may acquire a sense of being needed and feeling useful as they respond to the powerful, purpose approach of being asked if they have time to help with the brain stimulating puzzle project. This inter-active brain exercise works skills such as: sequencing skills, spatial skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity. This interactive social experience reveals emotional joy and happiness from participants as they get busy living by helping others.


Giving and receiving gifts is a part of everyone's life. This unsurpassed "Purpose Approach" is designed to re-new that glorious emotional feeling of giving to others. Participants may experience the "gift of giving" as they accept the invitation to create a drawing and give it to someone. This brain stimulating exercise ignites numerous brain cells and works the participant's planning and spatial skills as they replicate a drawing. Many participants who no longer use language to communicate may also reveal potential memory deficits in their art drawings.

Creativity / Self Expression:

Confident participants often display a willingness to accept the challenge of drawing additional accents, shapes or objects in their art work. Suggested, additional examples are on page 34. Creative expression is often revealed in art drawings when the participant creates his or her own version of additional shapes or objects in their drawing. Glimmers of delight and hope are observed as participants become engaged in this creative challenge.


As the effects of the brain exercises take hold, participants soon look forward to helping you with your projects. Success of the Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose programs is achieved when participants with joyful smiles (non-verbal) and/or eager voices start asking if they can help you.

Left side neglect revealed in residents drawing below:

Drawing Example

 Resident's Drawing

Potential Memory Deficits are often revealed when residents participate in the drawing component of the Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs.

Original Drawing
Impaired Language Skills Excellent Language Skills Client Doesn't Speak

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