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Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs

"Focus is on skills that remain, not on those that are lost."


What Are Dementia Populations Gift
of Purpose Programs?

A Social Model For Dementia with a Resident
Centered approach that instills a sense
of being needed and useful
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  • The goal of the Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs is for residents and staff to experience more enjoyable and contented days.
  • Designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals experiencing Alzheimerís and other types of dementia
  • Contains six brain stimulating exercises that MATCH the participantís cognitive skills and abilities
  • Ideal brain stimulating curriculum for use by OT or Speech therapy
  • May act as a restorative approach for individualís who have shown a decline in any of the following areas:
    • Daily decision making
    • Short and long term memory
    • Thinking, awareness and recall
  • Offers a failure free experience each time the participant takes part in a brain stimulating exercise

Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs Monitor:

  • Psychosocial behaviors
  • Cognitive skills
  • Emotional/creative expression
  • Communication
  • Confidence and self -esteem

The Failure Free programs provide the memory impaired participant an opportunity to experience success!

Feelings are transferred into daily living behaviors and attitudes.  The balance of the individualís day may become as rewarding as their time spent in the Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs.

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