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Reality Comprehension Clock Test (RCCT) 
4hr. Online Workshop
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 Health care professionals can learn how to:

  • Administer and Score the RCCT
  • Interpret the RCCT results
  • Utilize the RCCT data in care plans
  • Identify Risk of Fall and utilize RCCT data to diminish restraint use
  • The use of RCCT data and the actual clock drawing of the resident can help caregivers and family members identify how much their loved one understands and how capable they are of taking care of themselves

 To become a certified administer of the RCCT

  • Completion of the RCCT Workshop and receipt of all required coursework
  • A 12 month RCCT certificate of completion will be issued
  • Annual re-certification is required by all health care professionals who administer the RCCT to stay current with RCCT research and updates

 The RCCT Online Workshop

  • The RCCT workshop is held on two (2) consecutive days as follows
    • RCCT Session A - 2 hours
    • RCCT Session B - 2 hours
  • Workshop materials will be mailed to you after receipt of workshop fee
  • Upon completion of the RCCT Workshop, a workshop post test, attendance sheet and class evaluation (included in the class materials) must be completed and faxed within 24 hours after the last session
  • A certificate with professional contact hours will be mailed to you provided you receive a passing score on the workshop post test
  • Online Workshops are LIVE and very interactive consisting of 6-8 students

To participate in the Online RCCT Workshop you will need:

  • High speed internet service
  • A telephone that you can put on “speaker” so you can work hands free with the instructor
  • Access to a fax in order to fax back required coursework

Payment for the online workshop must be paid prior to the scheduled class sessions.  We accept Visa and MasterCard.

For available on line workshop dates, workshop fee, registration forms or to just ask more questions please call us at Communication Art, Inc.  419-865-6131.

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